Our mission at BigStep is to empower big businesses and start-ups with software solutions and products for transforming their ideas into reality on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Web and Mobile Applications Development

BigStep provides web and mobile based product engineering for applications of varied types like Social Networks and Online Communities, Ecommerce, Consumer apps, Enterprise apps, SaaS platforms, Classifieds, Marketplaces, Digital publishing, etc. Our effective and efficient process-driven developments provide good ROI to our Clients By using matured web application frameworks and latest development techniques, we ensure that the applications we develop for our Clients are robust and scalable.

MVP Development

Building and launching a strategic minimum viable product with core features enables you to kickstart your ideas. Take advantage of BigStep’s expertise in application develop ment to get on the exciting journey of starting-up. We will build and launch your MVP allowing you to shape product vision from early prototype. We will then work with you to develop your MVP to a full-featured product for long term success.

Cloud Solutions

It is rightly said that AWS (Amazon Web Services) has radically changed the economics of running a web technology based company. The reliable, scalable, flexible and secure Cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon gives you excellent IT resources and are cost effective. BigStep enables you to migrate your web resources from your existing infrastructure to AWS, as well as to start up fresh on AWS. We have successfully moved many online businesses to AWS Cloud. We’re also constantly enhancing our cloud capabilities by working on cloud provisioning, automating deployment workflows and have capabilities in launching platform as a service (PaaS) systems.

Strategy and Consulting

We define Web and Mobile strategy as being more than a simple outward-facing web and mobile presence. At BigStep, we help clients craft a strategy that overcomes hurdles and fully leverages the combined team's capabilities. We analyze our Clients' requirements to build a product that meets business objectives and functional requirements, appeals to the audience, is technologically strong and is convenient to maintain.

Success Stories
  • Another wonderfully thought out and developed product from the BigStep Team!! Just like with all their other products, you really can't grasp just how many options you have with making the product 'your own' until you actually install and activate!
    The product is filled with options, engaging for members, and brings new life to the site with its ability to create a whole new ball game when it comes to groups!
    I'm really looking forward to what new 'products' this team will come up with, too! :) They're always looking for new ways to enhance their already existing products, which sets them apart from others, and why I am a huge fan and customer! And their support is fabulous, too!

    Tanya Hyatt

  • I have been working on my site for few months and I had no idea how it will be until BigStep gave me the idea and hope to get my site running properly with all the necessary products that they recommended. The Advertisements has all the elements that you need to get ad revenue going on your site. I am glad that there are people out there can give you the tools and solutions to complete all modules that is required to make it happen. I will continue my efforts on building a great site and without BigStep support and guidance, I would never have gotten where I am today! Thanks guys, you are the true developers that truly cares about peoples needs...Can't wait until you advise me on other products to help me enhance my site.

    Paul Kim

  • We became interested in BigStep as we begin reviewing their products and discovering the depth and breath in which they are implemented. We take this very seriously because we are implementing 7 sites across a Flagship GoMainSt and 6 Vertical Industries. It is our Livelihood and we also have to support whatever we chose to implement. The extensive features in Business Directories, Commerce Listings, Groups with specific plugins such as geolocation, advertising, video etc combined with Mobile are the best you will find and the support can be no finer. BigStep take their support as seriously as you take your Business. So - its a good match. If you are looking for a leg-up on the competition - our recommendation is that your best bet - is to start right here with BigStep

    Brent Amundson


  • We have been waiting for this product and it is by far, one of our favorites. With so many people using SMART phones and TABLETS, your website cannot afford to be without a Mobile version of your site. We had noticed that our bounce rate was very high from visitors who came to our site using mobile devices before we added this product. Now our bounce rate is much lower as this product has made it easier for our members and visitors to navigate. I also have to add that the support we receive from BigStep is EXCELLENT. We are very excited about the Mobile App that they are also working on. We welcome people to check out our site, both from a desk top and from a mobile device so you can see the difference. Thank you BigStep for all of your hard work and for keeping the price of your products affordable.

    Cynthia Brown

  • Thanks a lot,BigStep is just amazing,you have helped me make my dream come true,your products are just what is required for anybody dreaming to build a big community.To be honest i would wish to work closely with you as i keep building this commmunity,feel free to show case our fast growing community and also and also give us advice on how to improve it,because our success is your success.

    Issac Muthui

  • I did my research for quiet sometime and I also tried products from other developers, but nothing compares to the amount of great products these guys have.
    RELATIONSHIP: You can't go worng with them as they are very polite and I must say patient. I had an email convestation with them that reached 70 messages. They never showed to be getting pist off. I would have been if I were in their position. :)
    PAYMENT: They were very flexible and their products are worth more then what they charge for sure.
    SUPPORT: Although I think they should use Zendesk and that way we could find preset questions and answers answers that were previously posted by others so that we could maybe not need to open tickets, they always reply, are always patient and explain everything with details. They also go beyond what you ask for, trying to to fix things that maybe were not their responsibility.
    You can't go wrong with BigStep.

    Jener Lauriano

  • We use their products for our networks and they totally rock!!

    Cem Koksal

  • They are developing a great job. BigStep is the best option for you to spice up your site with new features.

    Hilquias Ribeiro

  • One word to describe BigStep = Perfection !!
    I could not ask for a better service

    Chris Jakeways

  • BigStep is an excellent developer and make some of the best products on the market that we consider to be a must have to take your social network to the next level.
    They are continually updating their products and provide timely support for them as well.
    We enjoy working with BigStep and look fwd to their future developments.

    Steve Olivera

  • We're so proud to count on BigStep's products in our community. Those products have a lot of functionality and work so well. Thus, they provide an excellent support that help you to implant and integrate their products within your community.
    One of the things that I would like to highlight is that their products are so robust with an easy installation and upgrade system. BigStep developer team also get feedback from their customers and are focused in develop products that could satisfy their respective business needs.

    Juan Carlos Navarro

  • I have got to give these guys all the plaudits they so rightly deserve. I have to date raised approximately 50 support tickets!!!! They have been so patient with me and understanding.
    I have had excellent responses to all of my queries, many of them being answered within the hour of raising the support ticket!
    I can unequivocally state that this is THE BEST COMPANY I have had the pleasure of working with, they are just FANATASTIC.

    Michael Thomas