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  • Difference between npm and npx

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    Introduction In recent days, almost every project depends on some other libraries/packages to speed up their development and to use the functionality of those libraries/packages. To get these packages, we use npm. The npm packages must be locally installed and…

  • Top 20 Software Development Trends in 2023

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    Each year, global leaders in the technology industry summarize the past year’s progress in software development and give their predictions about strategic technology trends for the coming year. While some software development trends announced in 2022 remain unchanged, others emerge…

  • Blockchain in 2023

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    Blockchain enthusiasts often cite the following use cases: Supply Chains, Financial Transactions, Identity Verification, Electronic Medical Records, Conducting Elections, Real Estate Transactions, etc. So we can easily say that Blockchain technology has technical promise. Whether or not these options materialize…

  • How Augmented Intelligence can Improve BI

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    With Augmented Intelligence, people across industries are working with machines for the best of both worlds. Augmented Intelligence applications combine Human Intelligence and Machine Learning, especially when removing humans from the equation is impossible.  The beauty of Augmented Intelligence is…

  • Blockchain for Document/Records Management across Industries

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    According to Gartner, Records Management is ripe for developing Blockchain applications to create opportunities for cost efficiency and revenue acceleration. Technology can transform and expand the capabilities of various Records Management Processes. It also has far-reaching implications for cost-effective intellectual…