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6 Reasons Why Full stack Development is Right for Your Company

Full Stack

Full stack development is the new rage among businesses trying to save on their development costs. But is it just that – a way to reduce the cost of acquiring a web application?

More than that, full stack web development is increasingly becoming the most sought-after skill in IT companies. From Google to Facebook, everyone wants full stack developers.

Is all the fuss about full stack development worth it or even justified? It turned out – yes. The web development market is expected to grow by 24% by 2025. The same study says that full stack developers are one of the best positions in the last two years.

What is Full Stack Web Development?

Full stack development includes both backend and frontend development handled by a single developer. Full stack developers build the frontend user interface and the backend engine that powers web applications.

The complete development team is responsible for ensuring that the front end is engaging, the backend is error-free, and the databases are properly integrated and managed. They provide all-in-one development services.

Full Stack Software Development: 6 Reasons to Choose it

Now that you understand the basics of full stack solutions, you can dive deeper into understanding why every business now likes to hire full stack, web developers.

From idea conception to application deployment, full-stack developers facilitate the entire process with a single point of contact for everything. It reduces development errors and provides businesses with the opportunity to leverage their capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Here are 6 reasons why Full stack Development is right for your company:

1. Better team management

Businesses today want software developers with good communication and team management skills. This happens with a small team and fewer people on board the project.

Complete software development allows you to hire only a few developers instead of hiring a specialist for every development-related activity.

This means you have to spend fewer dollars for each app you want to build.

Managing a full web development team is easy as only a few are needed to work on a project. It means they will communicate effectively, be more transparent and listen better to the suggestions of others.

2. Cost-effective development

Affordability is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons why businesses choose to hire a turnkey development company.

If you’re developing an MVP, full stack developers can work on every aspect of your product. It will ensure that you don’t have to spend too much in the initial stages.

You can take the pain out of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer, then a native developer, and then an AWS developer if you hire someone to develop end-to-end solutions.

Hiring individual developers or professionals and managing them independently is an investment of time, money, and effort. Full stack web developers will cut down on all the hassle of this process.

3. Rapid development

Full stack web development enables faster product delivery and enables developers to meet development deadlines better than ever before.

Full stack web developers work in a team and quickly coordinate all development tasks. Since one developer manages all tasks, it reduces dependency on other developers.

For example, backend developers can wait for frontend developers to receive a component in a design. This leads to wasted time for backend developers.

Full stack solutions allow developers to build products quickly because they don’t have to wait for any dependencies. They work in harmony with the team and build apps faster because they are responsible for the entire development process.

4. Better support and maintenance

As full stack developers are experts in various technologies, they get frequent updates about them and adapt easily to the changing environment.

It allows them to offer 24/7 product support and maintenance. They can make adjustments based on the latest updates and provide good support to your product.

On the other hand, if there is some supporting activity that requires a developer to review and fix it, full stack software development makes it easier. Since the app was created by a single development team, they know where and what changes to make.

A single full stack developer can fix all frontend, backend, and database level issues and provide you with complete support without any hassle.

5. Responsible development

Full stack web development follows a smoother workflow as developers take on task after task to achieve the goal of product development in harmony.

If there is a separate responsibility for different developers, taking responsibility is a challenge for everyone.

Since full stack developers work on all parts of the product, they can easily take ownership of the project and also be responsible for everything in the development process.

Full stack web developers can work in the middle of a project and then move to the end without hesitation and sharing responsibility.

6. All-in-one development

Full stack solutions are the perfect all-in-one development solution for your business and lead to better developer productivity.

Full stack web developers can lead a project independently, work as a team, or collaborate with other developers to provide complete development solutions.

You don’t have to look for independent developers and spend money, time, and effort on separate web development resources. A full stack developer, as mentioned above, is a jack of all trades.

Conclusion: Full Stack Software Development is the future

Full stack development removes some of the major underlying problems with web development such as inefficiency, poor communication, development issues, backlogs, and many more.

Since efficiency and cost are the main considerations for web development, businesses are more likely to hire full stack developers than anyone else. And it makes sense – everyone wants to save money and get high-quality products, and end-to-end software development is the way to do it.

BigStep Technologies is a professional software company with a team of well-equipped full stack developers who have built world-class IT solutions.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at info@bigsteptech.com for any full stack development-related requirements you may have. Let’s grow together!

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