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About GatheringUS

GatheringUs is a lasting communal space that engages and gathers communities together after the loss of a loved one.

Noha Waibsnaider, the founder of GatheringUS felt the challenge of planning and executing memorials and funerals by the family and friends after the loss of their loved one. This made Noha build GatheringUs - a communal space that brings communities together through shared memories, events, resources, and funding — all in one place. GatheringUS made it possible for the families to easily crowdfund expenses, giving communities the opportune moment to contribute financial support for the funeral and related events.

Noha believes that gathering up after a death enables our communities to strengthen and support each other in the healing process. She also believes that conducting such meaningful events is a way of honoring the beloved one and celebrating their life together.

“Our mission is to gather family and friends after the loss of a loved one to support each other and celebrate their life together”.


Challenges faced by the Client

Noha knew the challenge of organizing family and friends during the difficult time and thus she yearned for a simpler way to mobilize everyone and commemorate the loved one. Noha wanted various features to be implemented on her website that could successfully facilitate the forum for gathering communities online or offline during the difficult times.

Our Strengths

Our team of experts having deep domain knowledge believes in creating the highest quality products and valuable customer relationships. This approach helps us to function in an innovative way and add value to our developments while maintaining transparency.

Organization Requirements

Gathering Us wanted us to build the following:

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Website Optimization
  • Tip Feature Implementation
  • 3rd party Pledgeling Integration
  • Making the Responsive view more user friendly

With strong technical abilities and expertise on SocialEngine BigStep has been working on this project and is facilitating the growth of the client. has been the top-rated developer for SocialEngine for more than 9 years and delivers end-to-end services for your platform.

For GatheringUS, we customized a complete set of features that included Integration of Payment Gateway, Website Optimization, Tip Feature Implementation, 3rd party Pledgeling Integration, and we further customized the responsive view in a manner that it became more user friendly and intuitive.

Why the Client chose BigStep Technologies

BigStep is a Complete End-To-End Digital Technology Solutions Provider. We’ve worked with startups and enterprises across the globe to rapidly evolve ideas to products.

We work on the latest technologies, and this combined with the design-led, innovation-driven capabilities of our team ensures that we deliver great value to our customers. We’re agile and are also always working on building new capabilities.

With the right mix of Products and Services orientation in our genes, we know how to make projects successful and all this made Noha to choose us over any other platform.

How BigStep Technologies Benefited the Client?

  • Because of the new implementations, users from all across the world could donate effortlessly to GatheringUS
  • The website speed was improved and it got much faster which contributed to the smoother and quicker browsing experience
  • GatheringUS started earning tips apart from the donations from every individual who donated for the noble cause
  • Since the website responsiveness was increased to a greater extent, it led to the following:
    • Enhanced customer engagement
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Hike in the overall website traffic

We assured optimizing overall site performance which boosted the client’s business and since then there was no turning back for the business. From design, to pilot, to implementation, our team of experts fulfilled the expectations of the client and it has been 3 good years that we are proficiently working on this project!