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Go Serverless with any application

Lambda is one of the serverless service provided by AWS. It basically executes language codes in response to certain events triggered. AWS Lambda supports languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, Node.js, C# and many more. Online code editor available in Lambda console can also be used.

Lambda automatically runs the code, without requiring us to provision and manage the servers. Lambda itself manages the underlying compute resources, user does not require any server to run this code and manage it.

A set of code uploaded on Lambda is executed in response to an event, it scales the load automatically ranging from few requests to thousands requests per day. Scaling is done based upon number of requests. Developers need to focus on simply writing the code and deployment task will be handled by Lambda.



No worries about the servers:

No servers are required, Lambda eliminates the need to establish and maintain traditional server setup thus, decreasing complexity. So, Lambda simply needs the code from us and rest all is operated and managed by Lambda itself.


Automatic Scaling:

Scaling of the underlying compute resources is done automatically based on the size of workload. Lambda runs the code parallely in response to each and every trigger it receives and processes each trigger individually precisely scales with number of requests being received.


Fault Tolerant:

Lambda eliminates the need to size deployment’s capacity for peak traffic. Developer simply need to build the code to handle a single request, Lambda will itself create the required instance so as to serve the incoming request parallely making sure to eliminate the points of failure like infrastructure failure etc.


Cost Effective:

Billing in Lambda is based on usage, it is metered on seconds, we only pay for the amount of time that our code is running and number of requests served. Cost of setting up servers gets eliminated. You are charged for every 100ms your code executes and the number of times the code is triggered.

Use Cases

There are several use cases of AWS Lambda, and numerous ways in which it can be used specifically in the businesses.

Image Processing:
When an image is uploaded in a S3 bucket in raw format, AWS Lambda gets triggered. As a result images are processed and converted into thumbnails based on various devices which will be accessing the image.

Real-Time Data Backup:
AWS Lambda handles the backup process efficiently and maintains real time data backups of the events triggered and services utilised.

Consulting Practices/Solutions

To provide serverless application and website:
Serverless architecture completely reduces the complexity related to building web and mobile applications. It benefits those applications which are not regularly loaded thus, paying for just the compute used by Lambda.

Deploying Lambda functions to trigger other AWS services like API Gateway, S3 bucket:
For fetching image which isn’t available in the Amazon S3 bucket the browser follows the redirect and request the image resize through AWS API Gateway thus, triggering Lambda function which fetches the original image from the S3 bucket, resizes it and uploads it back along with the corresponding requested key.


APN partner experience and expertise description

BigStep Technologies has more than 10 years of experience and expertise in various domains from developing code to providing best hosting solutions to the clients all over the world. BigStep is continuously proving its stake in the market in providing best support to the customers around the globe and achieving customer success and satisfaction.

Our experienced Software Engineers and AWS Certified DevOps Engineers help clients develop apps, website and deploying secure infrastructure by employing standard AWS practices to deliver the best performance with cost effective environment.