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Robust And Fault Tolerant

The AWS Cloud Solutions Team at BigStep Technologies supported one of the ECommerce client based in Italy. The client's website showcases and sells fresh, customized foods and products in Europe, America and Canada. The DevOps Team helped the community to migrate from a private server to AWS Cloud with fault tolerant architecture supporting database replication in multi AZs with Elastic Redis cache as a backed up cache solution to reduce the excess load on the database.


We’re using New Relic software which is the most efficient and effective monitoring tool in the market. It not only gives you server monitoring, but application and database query monitoring as well. We have deployed APM module, Infrastructure module, insights module and designed custom dashboards as per the suitability of the client. We were able to achieve a code optimized environment with the help of enhanced and in depth monitoring of the application, server and database.


We were able to provide a multi-layer protection to the production and database server having no public access and no direct connection from outside traffic through any way. The team achieved this by creating VPC with private and public subnets and managing the unnecessary traffic from outside in the form of attacks and bots.


Deploying Auto-Scaling with Application Load balancer and setting up the custom Auto-Scaling rules helped us to achieve the automation of the instances combined with Application Load Balancer in cost effective scaling manner.

Database Management

We also have been able to provide the database availability using multi AZ MySQL resulting in very reduced latency in every AZ.

Redis Cache

We also managed to provide an efficient solution for caching the database queries to reduce the load on the DB instance and also reduced the response time of DB queries so that the DB requests are served instantly.


BigStep Technologies is well known for the providing 24x7 quality support to satisfy client’s need. We have not only provided server level support, but also application level support. Hence, ensuring that everything is running well on client’s end.

Client Issues

Client required the best secured and fault tolerant architecture that is going to be hosted in many countries with a cost effective website migration and monthly AWS billing. Client also wanted a good solution for database replication with Elastic Redis cache in multi AZ.

VPC and subnets

Our Team managed to create a secure environment before deploying any services for the client and created optimized combination of private and public subnets to provide the environment more security and good performance.

Technical Challenges

Accomplished the database replication among multiple AZ using the slave and master read replicas. Also, achieved elastic redis cache multi AZ caching separately for each ec2-instance with master and slave method only. Implemented ALB with multiple target groups dividing traffic as per the application requirement having multiple domain names.

EC2-instance with Auto-Scaling

We have managed to put multiple instances behind the same load balancer with Target group to fulfil the application requirements and distribute desired traffic to the chosen instance.

Solutions Offered

The AWS Certified Engineers at BigStep migrated the website from a private server to AWS and focused on reducing the storage and excess backup consumption of the website database and files. We have also provided cost effective services and eliminated the nonrequired AWS services.

Goals Achieved

A cost effective, scalable, agile and secured environment accomplished with fault tolerant capabilities and self healing techniques.

Security Controls

Configured VPC with private subnets and restricting the undesired traffic from ACL and keeping the production server inside the private subnet. Deployed bastion host ensuring the good security standard for production environment as well as UAT environment.

Complete Architecture