Scrum Master

Work Experience:  4-8 Years
Location:Gurugram, India (Permanent Remote Working Available)

Scrum Master

Posted 2 years ago

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We are looking for a candidate with 4-8 years of experience in Agile methodologies like SCRUM,XP, Kanban, SAFe and fluid, along with in-depth knowledge of agile values, design thinking, customer value, product management, etc. with strong experience in Agile transformations from design to implementation.


  • Preparing monthly project status updates and capital forecasts per established processes
  • Disrupting and improving the way teams work by increasing organizational agility to produce dramatically better outcomes
  • Preparing and conducting periodic project status reports to update teams and executive management regularly on progress, risks and issues
  • Understanding break down of backlog into tasks, defining effort (as complexity) and estimating initial remaining hours
  • Designing an optimal system by meeting project requirements while maximizing characteristics such as scalability, security, reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness
  • Facilitating the process for building up multiple products parallel and doing continuous integration
  • Focusing on customer values, coaching teams to embrace the right mindset in ways of working (cadence, ceremonies, tools), and on-boarding new teams with the setup of working processes
  • Anticipating and identifying impediments (systematic, behavioral, etc.) and working with the right team members to resolve them
  • Monitoring the teams outcomes and dynamics while assisting them in improving team performance and agile maturity


**Required Skills**

  • Experience with Jira or any other Agile project management tool
  • Good understanding of Agile development processes
  • Strong working knowledge of technical engineering best practices including test driven development, continuous integration, DevOps
  • Good understanding of Cloud Technologies (especially Google Cloud)
  • Good Documentation and Reporting Skills
  • Good Analytical and Problem-solving skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Strong Decision-making skills


Note: Certification in CSM, PSM or related field will be an added plus