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7 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Important


Updating your website is an important step for the development of your Business and Brand. Your website is the first platform where your user connects with you. Many fail to keep their website maintained and up-to-date, resulting in loss of business. Every time a visitor visits your site and finds the same outdated content, he/she may lose interest in your website and hence, resulting in reduced footfall and eventually loss in business. Keeping your website updated not only attracts visitors but also results in a good ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


Our take: Keep your website up-to-date – Don’t Lose Customers for No Reason…


There are numerous positives of keeping your website updated, few of the important ones have been listed here:

Fresh Content Attracts Search Engines 

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc are more focused and give priorities to the websites having fresh content and those which are updated from time to time. It also helps in ranking your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and to reach your business to your customers.

Adding fresh content like texts, images, videos, infographics, etc are a very good way to keep your website updated. Maintaining your content every twice or thrice a week is a good habit. Adding blogs is the best way to add new content on your website. This attracts search engines and also the visitors to return to your website more frequently.


Updated and Helpful Information

Using unique and meaningful content can lead to better traffic on your website. High-quality content related to your website or product can drive a large amount of traffic to your business by binding your users to your website. Fresh and useful content on your website keeps your existing users engaged and attracts new ones. Also, it drives new traffic to your website and hence, becomes a reason for your growth and also strengthens your business.


SERP Ranking

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings are very vital nowadays. It is most important to gain traffic and reach your true users. To gain a better ranking you need to maintain certain keywords within your website. Perform thorough research, using tools available online or just Google suggestions, on keywords related to your website to understand what users are searching for. Furthermore, your content should meet the expectations of the visitors, this will force them to stay on your website. Proving better and high-level content can lead to a cent percent business. Google keeps an eye on websites that resolve and match their visitors’ expectations.


Audience Engagement

It is very much important to keep your existing audience engaged on your website. It’s true that unique and fresh content always attracts your users. But try to infuse this content with some graphical content like adding a lot of images, GIFs and use a lot of video content. Graphical content process better in SERP also. This will lead to greater engagement and traffic on your website.


Getting Hacked/Security

The most important among all the reasons is Security. The likelihood of an older site getting hacked is comparatively higher due to less secure coding and modules that are not up to date. All they have to do is click ‘view page source’ to see what CMS version your website works on. Make sure to update your website properly and add extra secure methods to prevent the content and data.


Corporate Image/Branding

It’s becoming more and more simple to create a website that looks well-designed and professional. There are a large number of CMS available in the market that allows direct templates where you can just drag and drop blocks to create a website. However, there is an expectation for a professional website from established companies. If your website doesn’t deliver on the promise of professionalism, your customers are bound to move elsewhere.


Backing-up Essential Files & Materials

Up-to this point we have made it very clear that why it is essential to keep your website updated. However, backing-up essential data/content is also important.   It will further help in building more traffic and engagement on your website.

Update your website and let your visitors experience something new, every time they visit your website. Show up with high-level content every time. This will be the best way to increase your business with high-end profit.

Amit Tiwari

I have a vast experience in scaling up project management processes to ensure project delivery on time. I manage interactive projects for dozens of clients across a variety of business domains. My mission is to deliver exceptional service & experiences for customers following good business operations.

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